Auto Expos

Auto expos are big fairs that travel from city to city. Some auto expositions are a lot larger than other and many of them are themed.

Popular themes for auto expos are vintage cars, hybrid cars, custom cars, speedy cars, luxury vehicles, green cars, art cars, fantasy vehicles or a showcase of the latest models available to the industry.
Even if an auto expo is themed sometimes you can expect a little bit of all of the above in any one auto show.

Auto shows often take place outdoors, in retail or mall parking lots or on exhibition grounds. Sometimes they are held indoors in auditoriums or large halls.
A common feature of auto expos are beautiful girls in scanty outfits often educating buyers about the vehicles. However more recently it is becoming more common for auto shows to feature information sessions with attractive young men who show would-be female buyers the best features of all the cars.

Auto shows are good sources of print material about these vehicles and you will often also be engaged to subscribe to email lists and websites.
You will be offered free test drives as well as asked to attend sales presentations about various types of vehicles.

You can also expect to be offered special deals and coupons towards the purchase of a car.
Most auto expos also sell various products and services related to driving cars and travel and you can also often procure coupon books to visit various tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants.

Be prepared to be inundated with offers for free tune-ups, car washes and assessments about how green your car is or how to improve your mileage. Auto shows are becoming greener and you might see vendors selling grease-car kits.

Brand loyal T-shirts, belt buckles and key chains are also commonly sold at these events.
Autoshows used to be more the domain of males but in recent times they are more for anyone in society who is interested in driving a car.