Beauty Expos

Beauty expos are consumer trade fairs that last anywhere from a day to a week. They are open to the public and any business that is interested in investigating the latest trends in beauty.

Beauty is big business and the expos tend to be huge affairs that feature vendors and services to do with all aspect of looking good including cosmetics, hairdressing, plastic surgery, dermatology, laser surgery, spa services, vacations, wellness products, clothing, shoes and much, much more.

These vast shows are often full of vendor booths that can be difficult to navigate if you do not have a plan. It is a good idea to get the brochure in advance or look at the expo’s website before you attend.
Very often these shows offer extreme discounts on beauty products and services in the form of coupons or coupon codes that you can redeem online.

A huge component of beauty expos is often on-the-spot beauty makeovers or demonstrations. They can be great places to get a free make-over, hair styling or spa treatment of one kind or another.
Many vendors give out free samples or greatly discount their products so that you can try them.

Hair shows, make-up shows and fashion shows are also a big part of a beauty expo with several events often taking place at once on several stages.
Demonstrations of hair appliances and beauty gadgets are also common sights.

There are also often famous speakers who speak on both the topics of inner and outer beauty and wellness. You might also be offered business opportunities to sell cosmetics or vitamins.
As many spas and vacation resorts also advertise at these beauty expos you will also find booths where you can sample healthy cuisine or buy exotic bath salts.

This is because a lot of what is sold at a beauty expo has to do with finding the Fountain of Youth.