Golf Expos

Golf expos are popular affairs among anyone who is in love with the sport. Golf expos vary in scope and scale.
Some are huge affairs like the Annual Dallas World Golf Expo which features hundreds of exhibitors from all over the globe.

Some are smaller and affiliated with consortiums of golf courses or hotel resorts that have golf courses.
However no matter how small or big the exposition is it is guaranteed to have scores of vendors selling you everything to do with golf.

Both manufacturers and retailers of golf clubs, balls and related products tend to be in attendance at these shows.
Another huge component of this type of expo are vendors marketing golf lessons and golf seminars. You will also see booths representing practice ranges and mini-golf courses.

Golf expos are also good places to buy DVDs, books and self-hypnosis courses that are designed to teach you how to play a better game.
You can also find golf coaches and golf teachers at golf courses and many of them will offer you discount or even free on-the-spot consultations about such matters as your posture or golf swing positions.

Some golf expos feature used or vintage equipment. It is also common to see fun products like hot tubs, lawn swings and saunas sold at Golf Expos.
Health matters may also play a role; physiotherapists, massage therapists and retailers of muscle rubs and sports medicine are also often at Golf Expos.

Many golf expositions also feature a roster of famous speakers as well as screening rooms where you can educate yourself about the history of golf.
Golf Expos are also great places to find out about membership to golf courses in your area and where and when the next big tournaments will be held.

Some golf expos also hold their own in-expo tournaments as well as raffles for things like golf club memberships, golf carts and golf club sets.