Green Expos

Green expos are a newer type of fair that is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to a growing interest in ecological products and protecting the earth from pollutants. Green expos feature products and services that are designed to reduce each individual’s “carbon footprint” as they go through life.

Green expos can be very small or very large. Some are the enterprise of a community of vendors that want to showcase environmentally friendly products and services and some are giant expositions featuring every aspect of life that can be conducted in a more environmentally conscious manner.

At a green expo you can expect to find vendors marketing green cleaners, environmentally friendly appliances, wholesome organic foods, safe pesticides and chemical free pet products. You can also expect to find many vendors selling clothing and furniture made from recycled material. At large expos vendors will also be selling things like bio-diesel car conversion kits and green energy components for installing solar power and wind power onto your property.

Bicycles, electric vehicles and hiking gear are also often sold at these expos in order to encourage you to stop polluting the earth with gas fumes. Many car manufacturers will also showcase hybrid cars at these events.

You will also find booths at a green expo selling green services such as green housecleaning, organic and heritage style landscaping and green house painting that uses no chemicals. There are also many consultants at this type of event who you can either hire or get for free to tell you how to save energy in your home or make your home a more environmentally friendly place.

Green expos are great places to find information and magazines about living green as well as find out information from city and government booths about how to get grants to make your life friendlier to the environment.
Another typical feature of green expos are experts on eating well, recycling, growing organic food, composting, installing solar or wind panels and converting your vehicle to a grease kit.
Almost anybody who is interested in a greener environment can be expected to be found at these expositions including individuals, landlords, homeowners, small business owners and community leaders.